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Recent research activities focus on two World Heritage sites,

1) Çatalhöyük Project. Investigating the role of clay, both as a raw material and a landscape determinant.

2) Chinese high-fired ceramics - a raw materials perspective.  A long-standing research theme now in collaboration with the Palace Museum, Beijing. Moving away from conventional chemical characterisations to a more holistic approach that explains ceramic development through raw materials: initially focusing on the Five Great Wares of the Song Dynasty (Ding, Ru, Jun, Guan and Ge wares).

  • New Insights into the Calcium Flux Used in Ancient Longquan and Yue Kilns Based on Strontium Isotopic Compositions

    Ma, H, Wood, N, Doherty, C, Zheng, J, Zhou, G, Duan, H
  • Living with Clay: materials, technology, resources and landscape at Çatalhöyük

  • Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of the alluvial landscape of Neolithic Catalhoyuk, central southern Turkey: The implications for early agriculture and responses to environmental change

    Doherty, C
  • Exploring a petrographic and geological approach to the study of Ru ware bodies

    Doherty, CJ, Ding, Y
    Edited by:
    Shi, N, Miao, J
  • Reinvestigation of Kuumbi Cave, Zanzibar, reveals Later Stone Age coastal habitation, early Holocene abandonment and Iron Age reoccupation

    Shipton, C, Crowther, A, Kourampas, N, Prendergast, ME, Horton, M, Douka, K, Schwenninger, J-L, Faulkner, P, Quintana Morales, EM, Langley, MC, Tibesasa, R, Picornell-Gelabert, L
    et al
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