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MexiDrill: Developing a 350,000 year record of climate and environmental change in tropical North America.

Volcanic hazard to Mexico produced by Central America supereruptions: the case of Ilopango caldera (El Salvador), and its influence on the decline of the Mayan Empire

  • The Ilopango Tierra Blanca Joven (TBJ) eruption, El Salvador: Volcano-stratigraphy and physical characterization of the major Holocene event of Central America

    Pedrazzi, D, Sunye-Puchol, I, Aguirre-Díaz, G, Costa, A, Smith, VC, Poret, M, Dávila-Harris, P, Miggins, DP, Hernández, W, Gutiérrez, E
  • The Ilopango caldera complex , El Salvador : Origin and early ignimbrite-forming eruptions of a graben / pull-apart caldera structure

    Suñe-Puchol, I, Aguirre-Díaz, GJ, Dávila-Harris, P, Miggins, DP, Pedrazzi, D, Costa, A, Ortega-Obregón, C, Lacan, P, Hernández, W, Gutiérrez, E
  • The Ilopango caldera complex , El Salvador : Stratigraphic revision of the complete eruptive sequence and recurrence of large explosive eruptions

    Suñe-puchol, I, Aguirre-díaz, GJ, Pedrazzi, D, Dávila-harris, P, Miggins, DP, Costa, A, Ortega-obregón, C, Lacan, P, Gutierrez, E, Hernández, W
  • Volcano stratigraphy and physical characterization of the San Mateo Pomez Unit , Cerritos Member : Temascalcingo Volcano , Central Mexico

    Pedrazzi, D, Aguirre-díaz, GJ, Sunyé-puchol, I, Becerril, L, Miggins, DP
  • La falla San Mateo : nuevas evidencias paleosismológicas de fallamiento activo en el graben de Acambay , México

    Mateo, S, Sunye-puchol, I, Lacan, P, Ortuño, M, Villamor, P, Audin, L, Zúñiga, FR, Langridge, RM, Jesús, GD, Timothy, A
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