Eleanor Farber

Research Profile

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher working on Medieval Migrants in the North Sea World, a Fell Fund project led by Dr Letty ten Harkel and Professor Helena Hamerow. This project is aimed at gathering data from medieval cemeteries around the North Sea, particularly in England, Denmark, and the Netherlands, in advance of a larger project identifying and characterising medieval mobility and its social and demographic impacts.

I specialise in stable isotope analysis and osteology, and my research interests broadly concern the interplay between diet, health, and mobility. My recent work has focused on dietary change in the medieval period and the effects of urbanisation and trade on human health and mobility. My doctoral research utilised isotope analysis and osteology to evaluate these trends at the medieval site of Stoke Quay, Ipswich.

I also teach undergraduate tutorials for Mods Paper 4, on the Nature of Archaeological and Anthropological Enquiry, and in the past, I have given tutorials and practicals for Science-Based Methods in Archaeology, and the MSc in Archaeological Science.

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