Professor Tom Higham

Research Profile

Research Activities

  • Assessing the efficiency of supercritical fluid extraction for the decontamination of archaeological bones prior to radiocarbon dating.

    Devièse, T, Ribechini, E, Querci, D, Higham, T
  • Late Upper Paleolithic occupation at Cooper's Ferry, Idaho, USA, ~16,000 years ago.

    Davis, LG, Madsen, DB, Becerra-Valdivia, L, Higham, T, Sisson, DA, Skinner, SM, Stueber, D, Nyers, AJ, Keen-Zebert, A, Neudorf, C, Cheyney, M, Izuho, M
    et al
  • Removing contaminants: A restatement of the value of isolating single compounds for AMS dating

    Higham, TFG
  • Radiocarbon dates of two musk ox vertebrae reveal ice-free conditions during late Marine Isotope Stage 3 in central South Norway

    Hufthammer, AK, Nesje, A, Higham, TFG
  • Genetic turnovers and northern survival during the last glacial maximum in European brown bears

    Ersmark, E, Baryshnikov, G, Higham, T, Argant, A, Castanos, P, Doeppes, D, Gasparik, M, Germonpre, M, Liden, K, Lipecki, G, Marciszak, A, Miller, R
    et al
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Postgraduate teaching

Course lecturer in Chronology for the MSc in Archaeological Science.



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