Professor Tom Higham

Research Activities

  • Radiocarbon dates of two musk ox vertebrae reveal ice-free conditions during late Marine Isotope Stage 3 in central South Norway

    Hufthammer, AK, Nesje, A, Higham, TFG
  • Genetic turnovers and northern survival during the last glacial maximum in European brown bears

    Ersmark, E, Baryshnikov, G, Higham, T, Argant, A, Castanos, P, Doeppes, D, Gasparik, M, Germonpre, M, Liden, K, Lipecki, G, Marciszak, A, Miller, R
    et al
  • Ancient human genome-wide data from a 3000-year interval in the Caucasus corresponds with eco-geographic regions.

    Wang, C-C, Reinhold, S, Kalmykov, A, Wissgott, A, Brandt, G, Jeong, C, Cheronet, O, Ferry, M, Harney, E, Keating, D, Mallick, S, Rohland, N
    et al
  • FINDER project: Collagen fingerprinting (ZooMS) for the identification of new human fossils

    Douka, K, Brown, S, Higham, T, Pääbo, S, Derevianko, A, Shunkov, M
  • New data for the Early Upper Paleolithic of Kostenki (Russia).

    Dinnis, R, Bessudnov, A, Reynolds, N, Devièse, T, Pate, A, Sablin, M, Sinitsyn, A, Higham, T
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Postgraduate teaching

Course lecturer in Chronology for the MSc in Archaeological Science.



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