Asian Archaeology

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Mondays during term time 4.30pm - 5.30pm

Lecture Room, Institute of Archaeology, 36 Beaumont St

Convenor 2018/19: Dr Anke Hein (





The Asian Archaeology Seminar Series invites scholars who present on topics that combine research on Asian Archaeology with methodological and/or theoretical issues of interest to a wider audience. Cross- and multi-disciplinary topics are especially welcome. The Series invites scholars both from Oxford and outside. It tries to strike a balance betwen early-, mid-, and advanced-career scholars from archaeolgoy and neighboring disciplines, including advanced DPhil students but mostly postdocs, young lecturers, and one or two scholars who are well-known in their fields and will attract a large crowd. The audience is very mixed, consisting of students and lecturers from various departments and all ages as well as an interested lay audience. The event is mainly advertised through the School website as well as through tht Asian Archaeology Homepage and its Twitter feed, but it is also cross-posted throughout various departments via email and via social media.

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