Calendar of Archaeological Conferences

For more information about any of the conferences being hosted here in Oxford please click here and please get in touch if you think your archaeological conference should be listed below.

AAPA (American Association of Physical Anthropologists)

AEA (Association for Environmental Archaeology), Open Science Practices in Environmental Archaeology spring conference  

Alexandria and the Sea, Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford

AMS15  (15th International Conference on Accelerator Mass Spectrometry )

BABAO (British Association for Biological Anthropology) 

BANEA (The British Association of near Eastern Archaeology) 

Bardha'a Colloquium 27-28 February 2020 at the University of Oxford

CAA (48th International Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology Conference) 

EAA (European Association of Archaeologists) 

EMBERS2020 (Eurasian Metallurgy from Beginning to End: a Research Symposium)

ESHE (Annual European Society for the Study of Human Evolution Meeting), 

Europa Postmediaevalis 

GAO Conference - Graduate Archaeology at Oxford Annual Conference

ICAANE (International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East)

ICAZ Archaeomalacology Working Group – Molluscs and Ancient Human Societies Conference

IKUWA7 (7th International Congress for Underwater Archaeology) 

ISA  (43rd International Symposium on Archaeometry)

ISBA (9th International Symposium on Biomolecular Archaeology)

MAGS (Maritime Archaeology Graduate Symposium) 

RAC (Roman Archaeology Conference)

Radiocarbon and Diet 2020  St Anne's College, Oxford

REI-III (Third International Radiocarbon in the Environment Conference)

SAA (Annual Meeting for the Society of American Archaeology) 

SAFA (Society of Africanist Archaeologists), University of Oxford

Society for Medieval Archaeology Annual Conference

SCARF (South Caucasus Archaeological Research Forum) 

TAG (Theoretical Archaeology Group)

UISPP (International Union of the Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences)

Understanding Authenticity in China's Cultural Heritage

WAC (World Archaeological Congress)