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Green impact and sustainability at the School of Archaeology

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The School of Archaeology is actively re-evaluating its environmental impact to improve the sustainability of our offices, laboratories, and research. In alignment with the University of Oxford’s Sustainability Strategy, the RLAHA (Research Laboratory of Art History and Archaeology) labs have an engaged team of students, technicians, staff members and researchers involved in the University’s Green Impact Scheme. Individual research laboratories are also working toward accreditation in the LEAF (Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework) program with a focus on improving the sustainability of our laboratories.

Current Progress:

  • RLAHA Green Impact Scheme working toward Gold Award Level
  • Radiocarbon Lab and Stable Isotope Lab are working toward Gold LEAF Level
  • Archaeobotany Lab and ancient DNA Lab are working toward Bronze LEAF Level

Ongoing Projects:

  • Reduction of laboratory waste through new recycling initiatives (gloves, cleaned plastics, aluminium foil).
  • Wildflower Garden planted in spring 2023, supported by The Good Gardener Campaign.
  • Monitoring energy consumption of laboratory equipment with actions taken to reduce energy consumption through reduction and replacement.

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If you have ideas about how to improve the School's sustainability or how to help us achieve our goals, please get in touch with Corrie Hyland. 



Sustainable Shared Lunch - Share good food and engage in discussion on how we can make the School of Archaeology more sustainable in how we manage food! Come with your ideas, past experiences, and questions as we discuss prioritizing plant-based food, reducing food waste, food packaging and more. All while sharing delicious dishes we’ve made! Thursday, 23 November, SPR1 meeting room, 13:00 – 14:00 (following the Martin Aitken Seminar).

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