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School Governance and Administration

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Oxford’s archaeological research is overseen by the School Committee, our collective decision-making body, with representatives of the broader archaeological community at Oxford. The School Committee holds regular Research Away Days for researchers at all levels to discuss strategy, enabling individuals to inform colleagues about new initiatives and directions in their own research, and fostering new collaborations. The Committee is supported by a smaller School Board focussed on strategic planning, including staffing, infrastructure and major research initiatives.

Our School Officers are listed here. 

The research support team led by the Head of School ensures that we rigorously apply the framework set by the University Research Ethics Committee and the Code of Practice for Academic Integrity in Research in all of our research activities. We also uphold the principles of the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers.

Our Professional Services team, led by the Head of Administration and Finance Dr Tim Davies, work across our three main sites (No. 1 South Parks Road, the Institute of Archaeology at 36 Beaumont Street, and the Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art (RLAHA)  in the Dyson Perrins building in the Science Quarter). 

Click here to view an organisational chart for the Professional Services team, including their contact details and main duties. 

There are three societies associated with the School:

  • The Oxford Archaeological Society (OAS - led by undergraduates)
  • The Graduate Archaeology at Oxford (GAO - led by graduate students)
  • The Society for Postdoctoral and Early Career Teaching and Research Staff in Archaeology (SPECTRA - led by FTRs)