Dr Michael Fradley

Research Profile

My background includes positions with English Heritage and post-doctoral roles at the University of Exeter and Bournemouth University. My research interests include medieval landscapes, monumentality, urbanism and the role of archaeology in informing sustainable living, in terms of subjects such as hydrological management.

  • Higher Resolution Satellite Imagery of Israel and Palestine: Reassessing the Kyl-Bingaman Amendment

    Zerbini, A, Fradley, M
  • Final comments: looking to the future

    Fradley, M, Sheldrick, N
  • Satellite imagery and heritage damage in Egypt: a response to Parcak et al. (2016)

    Fradley, M, Sheldrick, N
  • An integrated approach to surveying the archaeological landscapes of Yemen

    Banks, R, Fradley, M, Schiettecatte, J, Zerbini, A
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