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The Innovation and Adoption of Iron in the Ancient Near East

Erb-Satullo, NL

Investigating the spatial organisation of Bronze and Iron Age fortress complexes in the South Caucasus

Erb-Satullo, NL, Jachvliani, D, Kalayci, T, Puturidze, M, Simon, K

The Ebb and Flow of Copper and Iron Smelting in the South Caucasus

Erb-Satullo, NL, Gilmour, BJJ, Khakhutaishvili, N

Patterns of settlement and metallurgy in Late Bronze-Early Iron Age Kvemo Kartli, southern Georgia

Erb-Satullo, NL
Edited by:
Anderson, W, Hopper, K, Robinson, A

Iron and copper production at Iron Age Ashkelon: Implications for the organization of Levantine metal production

Erb-Satullo, NL, Walton, JT

Copper production landscapes of the South Caucasus

Erb-Satullo, NL, Gilmour, BJJ, Khakhutaishvili, N

Crucible technologies in the Late Bronze-Early Iron Age South Caucasus: Copper processing, tin bronze production, and the possibility of local tin ores

Erb-Satullo, NL, Gilmour, BJJ, Khakhutaishvili, N

Late Bronze and Early Iron Age copper smelting technologies in the South Caucasus: The view from ancient Colchis c. 1500-600BC

Erb-Satullo, NL, Gilmour, BJJ, Khakhutaishvili, N

Iron Age glass beads from Carthage

Eremin, K, Degryse, P, Erb-Satullo, N, Ganio, M, Greene, J, Shortland, A, Walton, M, Stager, L
Edited by:
Meeks, ND, Meek, A, Mongiatti, A, Cartwright, C

Chemical and mineralogical approaches to the organization of Late Bronze Age Nuzi Ware production

Erb-Satullo, NL, Shortland, AJ, Eremin, K

Alloys from Anau: The Manipulation of Metallic Properties in 3rd Millennium B.C. Southern Central Asia

Erb-Satullo, NL
Edited by:
Vandiver, P, Li, W, Ruvalcaba Sil, JL, Reedy, CL, Frame, LD

Isotopic discriminants between late bronze age glasses from egypt and the near east

Degryse, P, Boyce, A, Erb-Satullo, N, Eremin, K, Kirk, S, Scott, R, Shortland, AJ, Schneider, J, Walton, M

Aggregation Properties of the Chromonic Liquid Crystal Benzopurpurin 4B

McKitterick, CB, Erb-Satullo, NL, LaRacuente, ND, Dickinson, AJ, Collings, PJ

Archaeomaterials, Innovation, and Technological Change


The Metal behind the Myths: Iron Metallurgy in the Southeastern Black Sea Region

ERB-SATULLO, N, Gilmour, BJJ, Khakhutaishvili, N
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