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Provenancing Viking-age Silver: Methodological and Theoretical Considerations and a Case Study

Edited by:
KERSHAW, J, Williams, G

Archaeometallurgical investigations of a Viking brass ingot hoard from the Hedeby Harbor in northern Germany

Merkel, SW

Archaeometallurgical Analysis of Metalworking Debris from a Germanic Goldsmithing Workshop at Elsftelth-Hogenkamp, 2nd-3rd Century AD

Merkel, SW
Edited by:
Glaser, L

Römisch-germanische Kontakte an der Huntemündung? Fragestellungen, Methoden und erste Ergebnisse aktueller interdisziplinärer Forschungen am Ufermarkt von Elsfleth-Hogenkamp und seinem Umfeld

Folkers, A, Jöns, H, Merkel, SW, Schlotfeldt, S, Siegmüller, A, Struckmeyer, K, Wolters, S
Edited by:
Burmeister, S, Ortisi, S, Museum und Park Kalkriese (Bramsche, CH, sponsor, O, Osnabrück, U, Denkmalpflege, NLF

Silver and the Silver Economy at Hedeby


Between the Bronze Age and the Middle Ages: New Investigations of Copper-Lead-Silver and Copper-Arsenic Smelting from Panjhir, Afghanistan

Merkel, SW
Edited by:
Eisenach, P, Stöllner, T, Windler, A

Gold, Silver and Bronze Analysis of Three Fragments of Technical Ceramic from Elsfleth-Hogenkamp, Germany

Merkel, SW, Schlotfeldt, S, Stuckmeyer, K

Silver production at al-Radrad: archaeometallurgical analysis of ore, slag and technical ceramics from early medieval Yemen

Merkel, S, Hauptmann, A, Kirnbauer, T, Téreygeol, F

Carolingian and Ottonian Brass Production in Westphalia: Evidence from the Crucibles of Dortmund and Soest

Merkel, SW

The Analysis of Slag from the Panjhīr Mining Region, Afghanistan: An Investigation of (Medieval) Silver Production Technology

Merkel, SW, Bräutigam, B, Klein, S, Hauptmann, A

Isotopic Analysis of Silver from Hedeby and some nearby Hoards: Preliminary Results

MERKEL, S, Hauptmann, A, Hilberg, V, Lehmann, R
Edited by:
Eriksen, MH, Pedersen, U, Rundberget, B, Axelsen, I, Berg, HL

Analysis of Slag, Ore and Silver from the Tashkent and Samarkand Areas: Medieval Silver Production and the Coinage of Samanid Central Asia

Merkel, SW, Sverchkov, L, Hauptmann, A, Hilberg, V, Bode, M, Lehmann, R

The Relationship of Hacksilver and Minting in 10th Century Southern Scandinavia

Merkel, SW

Parting Layers, Ash-Trays, and Ramsesside Glassmaking: an Experimental Study

Merkel, SW, Rehren, T
Edited by:
Pusch, EB, Rehren, T

Analysis of Technical Ceramics from Haithabu: Gold and Silver-smithing in the Viking Age

Merkel, SW, Hauptmann, A, Hilberg, V
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