Dr Victoria Smith

Research Activities

I am a senior research fellow at the School of Archaeology. Prior to moving to Oxford in 2009, I was a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol. I obtained my PhD in Geology from the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

My research focuses on the composition of the volcanic deposits (tephra) from large explosive eruptions. The composition of the tephra (glass and minerals) provides a chemical fingerprint that allows these layers to be correlated to other deposits of the same eruption. These layers are ideal for providing absolute (dated using radiocarbon or Ar/Ar methods) and relative chronology for archaeological and palaeoenvironmental records. I also use the composition of the eruption deposits to further understand magmatic processes.


  • Refining the Late Quaternary tephrochronology for southern South America using the Laguna Potrok Aike sedimentray record

  • Evidence for a large-magnitude eruption from Campi Flegrei caldera (Italy) at 29 ka

    Albert, PG, Giaccio, B, Isaia, R, Costa, A, Niespolo, EM, Nomade, S, Pereira, A, Renne, PR, Hinchliffe, A, Mark, DF, Brown, RJ, Smith, VC
  • Geochemical characterisation of the Late Quaternary widespread Japanese tephrostratigraphic markers and correlations to the Lake Suigetsu sedimentary archive (SG06 core)

    Albert, PG, Smith, VC, Suzuki, T, McLean, D, Tomlinson, EL, Miyabuchi, Y, Kitaba, I, Mark, DF, Moriwaki, H, Nakagawa, T
  • The Ilopango Tierra Blanca Joven (TBJ) eruption, El Salvador: Volcano-stratigraphy and physical characterization of the major Holocene event of Central America

    Pedrazzi, D, Sunye-Puchol, I, Aguirre-Díaz, G, Costa, A, Smith, VC, Poret, M, Dávila-Harris, P, Miggins, DP, Hernández, W, Gutiérrez, E
  • Constraints on the frequency and dispersal of explosive eruptions at Sambe and Daisen volcanoes (South-West Japan Arc) from the distal Lake Suigetsu record (SG06 core)

    Albert, PG, Smith, VC
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Postgraduate teaching

Course convenor and lecturer for the MSc/MSt in Archaeological Science.

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