Pub Archaeology

Welcome to Pub Archaeology!

white rabbit public house logo

Brought to you in association with the White Rabbit Public House, Oxford.

You are here because you found our art installation in the White Rabbit, created by the School's Artist in Residence, Miranda Creswell. Congratulations! Your curiosity got the better of you so you scanned the QR code to follow the White Rabbit to our website.

We invite you to continue your journey with us by clicking on one of the images below. Each image will introduce you to one of our researchers at the School, Dr Joel Alves and Hannah Caroe (DPhil Archaeology). They will ask you some very curious questions and share some fascinating facts about beer and rabbits which you can read in the time it takes to drink your beer or eat a slice of this pub's delicious pizza! 


Will you choose the BEER or the BUNNY?