Stable Isotope Analysis

We undertake isotopic analysis (carbon, nitrogen and sulfur) of a variety of materials on a semi-commercial basis; that is, where there is usually an element of collaborative research interest, and where we recover our costs for our contribution and when we have spare capacity in the laboratory. The types of samples analysed include: bone and dentine collagen, human and animal protein tissue samples (keratin, chitin, soft tissue collagen), plant samples (modern and carbonised archaeological botanics), carbonised and fossilised wood and soil organic matter.

The following costs are a guide for routine work:

Single carbon and nitrogen isotopic measurement of pre-prepared sample

£25+VAT per sample

Single carbon, nitrogen and sulfur isotopic measurement of pre-prepared sample

£45 +VAT per sample

Extraction and carbon and nitrogen isotopic measurement of bone collagen

£65 +VAT per sample

Prices correct at April 2022

Recent and ongoing projects

Analysis of bone collagen from archaeological contexts, analysis of sequential samples of tooth dentine from Middle Holocene hunter gatherers, analysis of archaeological cereal grains to assess the development of manuring in Neolithic agriculture.

Please contact us to discuss your project. We can then advise you on the level of spare capacity for outside work that we currently have. We are happy to discuss the logistics (project size, price, turnaround time, etc) and the type of project (material, aim, etc), for any programme of research. Prices are cheaper for internal projects and for Research Associates.