Electron Microprobe and Tephrochronology Facilities

The Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art have a JEOL JXA-8200 electron microprobe equipped with 5 wavelength-dispersive spectrometers (containing a range of monochromator crystals). The instrument can analyse most elements (exceptions are noble gases and elements with an atomic number <8) with an abundance >0.1 wt% at micron-scale spatial resolution. Precise quantitative data can be acquired using spot sizes (~1 to 20 microns), or variations in element abundance can be mapped across an area on the sample. Facilities for preparing archaeological and geological samples for compositional analysis (grinding and polishing) on the electron microprobe are also available.

We have a dedicated cryptotephra extraction laboratory for identifying non-visible volcanic ash layers in sedimentary sequences, including marine and lacustrine cores (e.g., McLean et al., 2018; 2020) and archaeological sites (e.g., Barton et al., 2015; Cullen et al., 2021). 

Publications by members of Tephrochronology Research Group demonstrate the breadth of our experience with identifying, characterising and dating archaeological and volcanic deposits (e.g., Rawson et al., 2015; Albert et al., 2019; Stock et al., 2018; Sunyé-Puchol et al., 2022).

For information regarding our facilities and prices please contact:

Prof. Victoria Smith (Laboratory Manager)


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