Professor Chris Gosden

Current Activities

Chris has recently been directing the English Landscape and Identities project looking at the history of the English Landscape from 1500 BC to AD 1088 (funded by the ERC), and the European Celtic Art in Context project, exploring Celtic art and its eastern connections (funded by the Leverhulme Trust).  Chris is also finishing a project on the English Collections of the Pitt Rivers Museum (funded by the ESRC).


European Celtic Art in Context

English Landscapes Project

Hillforts of the Ridgeway

Vale and Ridgeway Project

  • The ups & downs of Iron Age animal management on the Oxfordshire Ridgeway, south-central England: A multi-isotope approach

    Schulting, RJ, le Roux, P, Gan, YM, Pouncett, J, Hamilton, J, Snoeck, C, Ditchfield, P, Henderson, R, Lange, P, Lee-Thorp, J, Gosden, C, Lock, G
  • Histories in the making: excavations at Alfred's Castle ; 1998-2000

    Allen, D, Gosden, C, Lock, GR, Raven, S
  • Post-colonial archaeology: issues of culture, identity and knowledge

    Gosden, C
    Edited by:
    Hodder, I
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Undergraduate teaching

Lecturer for core papers:

  • Honour Moderations -  Introduction to World Archaeology
  • FHS - Social Analysis and Interpretation
  • FHS - Cultural Representations, Beliefs and Practices
  • FHS - Landscape and Ecology

Postgraduate teaching

Postgraduate taught course options in: 

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