Professor Peter Mitchell

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Research Activities

Hunter-gatherer settlement-subsistence systems and reconstruction of late Quaternary environments in theLesotho highlands, southern Africa. Early archaeological research and history of collections in southern Africa.

  • An archaeological radiocarbon database for southern Africa

    Loftus, E, Mitchell, PJ, Ramsey, CB
  • Settling Madagascar: when did people first colonise the world's largest island?

  • Late Quaternary palaeoclimates and human-environment dynamics of the Maloti-Drakensberg region, southern Africa

    Stewart, BA, Mitchell, PJ
  • New ages from Boomplaas Cave, South Africa, provide increased resolution on late/terminal Pleistocene human behavioural variability

    Pargeter, J, Loftus, E, Mackay, A, Mitchell, P, Stewart, B
  • The constraining role of disease on the spread of domestic mammals in sub-Saharan Africa: A review

    Mitchell, PJ
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Undergraduate teaching

Undergraduate course convenor for:

  • Honour Moderations Paper 1  - Introduction to World Archaeology
  • FHS Option paper: Archaeology of Southern African Hunter-Gatherers
  • FHS Option paper: Farming & Early States in Sub-Saharan Africa

Undergraduate course lecturer for:

  • FHS Core Paper 3  - Landscape and Ecology
  • FHS Core Paper 4 - Urbanisation and Change in Complex Societies

Director of Studies for undergraduates at St Hugh's College

Postgraduate teaching

Postgraduate taught course options in:


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