Oxford Archaeological Fieldwork Seminar

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Wednesdays during term time, 5-6pm

MS Teams, see term card for link

Convenors for 2020/21: Beth Hodgett (beth.hodgett@prm.ox.ac.uk) and Clifford Sofield (clifford.sofield@arch.ox.ac.uk)


This seminar provides a unique platform for Oxford staff and students to present their recent archaeological fieldwork and to discuss topics such as fieldwork methodologies, interpretation, logistics, funding, and public engagement. Unlike other seminar series, it brings together archaeologists of all periods and geographic areas. The seminar is consistently attended by 25-30 people, with regular attendees including students, postdocs, senior faculty, and retired faculty of both the Institute and RLAHA, as well as members of other departments, professional archaeologists, and local enthusiasts.

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