World Archaeology

World Archaeology Seminar

World Archaeology Seminar

Friday During Term, 4 - 5pm

Lecture room, Institute of Archaeology, 36 Beaumont St


Archaeology around the world from all regions and periods.

The seminar series coordinators of Eurasian Archaeology, Barbarians Prehistory and Archaeology of the Middle East Seminar Series (and from HT, Americanist Archaeology) are joining forces to experiment with a new, broad seminar series: World Archaeology. Reaching beyond the traditional topics of these former series, World Archaeology will host seminars without temporal or spatial boundaries and provide a platform for archaeologists from around the globe. While other topic-specific seminars will remain, our aim through World Archaeology is to provide a wide-ranging weekly seminar that promotes a variety of topics. Please see below to get involved or suggest a speaker.

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Coordinators: -Dr Anke Hein -Michael Leadbetter -Molly Masterson -Akari Goda-Maurezzutt -Dr Jade Whitlam -Dr Bill Finlayson